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Company incorporation in HK

It a straightforward process that can be completed relatively quickly, allowing individuals or groups of investors to set up their own Hong Kong-registered business. Companies registered in Hong Kong have been known to enjoy numerous benefits, such as low taxation and access to an international network of trade opportunities.

Company incorporation in Singapore

Establishing company incorporation in Singapore is also very cost-effective and business owners can benefit from Singapore's highly attractive tax incentives and full foreign ownership. To begin the company formation procedure, entrepreneurs must first decide on the company name, structure, residential address, registered officeaddress, company secretary, and company authorised capital.


how we work

Our Process

​Step 1: 

Decide the preferred company name and we will check if it is available for company registration

Step 2:

Fill in the company incorporation form and send back to us.

Step 3: 

Check your application document and verify your identity.

Step 4:

Prepare official documents after receiving your payment.

Step 5: 

Send us the original signed documents and we will proceed.

Step 6: 

We will proceed and notify you once the company is incorporated.


Let's start the 
incorporation today!

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