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GST in Singapore 

Businesses must register for GST when their annual taxable turnover is more than SGD 1 million. Registration for GST can be done online or at an IRAS office.


Once registered, businesses are required to file GST returns every quarter. Filing GST returns includes submitting a GST return form, which has to be completed and submitted by the due date specified by IRAS. The GST return form requires details of all sales and purchases that have been done in the past quarter.


In Singapore, businesses are also required to keep track of their GST transactions for a period of five years after their GST registration is approved. This is to ensure compliance with GST regulations. What we do:

  • ABN registration

  • GST registration and GST filing

  • tax return


If you are a business or individual operating in the EU and are required to pay/collect VAT, then you may need to appoint a fiscal representative. A fiscal representative is someone who acts as an intermediary between a non-EU resident and their local tax authorities. The fiscal representative assumes responsibility for the payment of taxes, filing of returns, submitting fiscal forms and any other fiscal responsibilities that would otherwise be the responsibility of the non-EU resident.

The fiscal representative is accountable to their local tax authorities for any fiscal liabilities incurred by the non-EU resident, as well as ensuring all fiscal obligations are met in a timely manner. The fiscal representative also acts on behalf of the taxpayer in communications with the local tax authorities, including providing any fiscal documents or information requested. What we do:

  • VAT registration in EU

  • VAT filing

  • EORI registration

  • IOSS and OSS registration


how we work

Our Process

​Step 1: 

Contact us and let us know about your business activities.

Step 2:

Offer solutions and provide quotations

Step 3: 

Check your application document and gather all required documents

Step 4:

Prepare official documents after receiving your payment.

Step 5: 

Once the GST/ VAT number is issued, you will have to provide us declaration documents on time for filing. 


Let's start the 
GST/ VAT registration today!

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